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1. Overview of Nocturne Games

Our Mission

Enabling studios to independently craft community-centric, enjoyable, and profitable games.

Our Vision

We believe in a gaming universe where the overflow of titles sparks a revolution. A future where the saturation of games leads to a vibrant co-creation space between developers and fans, crafting hits hand-in-hand and breaking free from traditional publishers.

Our Master Plan

Step 1ย  - Scout, invest in promising indie projects.

Step 2ย  - Empower developers with comprehensive support services.

Step 3ย  - Foster interactive, collaborative developer communities.

Step 4ย - Advocate for fairness in game publishing.

Founding Date and Location

January 2024 in Paris. Offices in Paris, Montreal, London, Porto and Warsaw.


Nocturne is an investment fund based on revenue sharing, providing capital and self-publishing services to indie studios. We are redefining the publishing market by prioritizing fairness and community-validation strategies, with the goal of transforming promising game concepts into blockbuster hits.

2. Founding Team


Arnaud Aubry

Founding Partner

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Charles Thomas

Founding Partner

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Jean-Yves Lapasset


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Magdalena Buss

Game Scout

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Alexandre Phachan


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Bobby Wertheim


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Jason Della Rocca


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Katya Hanna

Marketing Strategist

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Younes Rharbaoui


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Still Confidential

Executive Producer

3. Product & Services

Our Funding Terms

Self-publishing Support

Our Core Team

Our dedicated team consists of ten industry professionals, all focused on guiding developers through every step of their gameโ€™s journey. From mentoring through office hours and workshops to offering round-the-clock support, our team is equipped to help you navigate the complexities of game publishing.

Our Resources

We equip our developers with robust, bullet-proof templates, actionable content, and curated resources inspired by Y-Combinatorโ€™s proven methods with startups. These tools are designed to optimize your workflows and enhance your gameโ€™s market readiness.

Our Advisors

Our advisory board includes seasoned veterans who provide actionable feedback, hands-on support, and strategic introductions that can dramatically accelerate your game's success. These industry experts serve as your personal navigators, offering insights and cheat codes exclusive to our portfolio.

Our Catalog

We have established over 15 strategic partnerships that afford our developers privileged access and discounts with top-tier, cherry-picked service providers. These partnerships are crafted to streamline your development and publishing process, ensuring you have the best tools at your disposal.

Our Fellowship

We foster a vibrant community of collaboration and peer learning among our portfolio founders. This is facilitated through both online and offline interactions, whether one-on-one or in group settings. Our private Discord server serves as a hub for communication between team members, advisors, founders, and providers.

Our Platform

To support our expansive network, we are launching a proprietary web application that facilitates content access, booking meetings, and making introductions. In the future, this platform will also provide limited partners (LPs) with direct access to reporting and updates on their investments.